Najwa Foundation offers a multitude of programs that aid refugee families in various ways. We are very passionate about these programs and we work very hard to keep them running. Without them, many families would not have access to the help that they desperately need.

Girl’s Education Program:

The youth is our future. We aim to provide an education for young girls. most young girls are too vulnerable when it comes to getting an education and oftentimes spend their time helping their mothers with chores at home. By providing young girls with an education, we can help eliminate poverty.

Women’s Education and Protection Program:

We believe that educated women install the value of education into their families and children. We provide protection programs such as counseling and defensive classes to educate women to protect themselves and their families against predators.

Food Programs:

We provide families with the funds they need to put food on their table. Each family is given a budget to buy enough food for each family member to have adequate meals. Each family is given a budget based on family size. 

We also ship any food donations given to Najwa Foundation to families in need, we cover the cost of getting the food delivered but appreciate anyone who can help in any way.

Things get especially hard during Ramadan, harsh conditions mixed with heat and fasting. We provide food distributions every Ramadan.

Medical Programs:

We help refugees seek crucial medical treatment by assisting in medical bill coverage. We hope to offer refugees with additional medical services in the future with the help of our donors.

Clean Water Initiative:

We hope to help give families easy access to clean water by building wells and water systems. It is difficult for refugees to obtain clean water, and women and young girls have to walk for miles to fetch clean water. 

Clothing and Shoe Donation:

We provide shoe and clothing for families in need. We collect donations for children’s clothes and shoes and ship it back to families in  our targeted locations. In addition, we collect monetary donations and purchase clothes and shoes for adults, and send them to families as well. 

School Supply Donations:

Girls are the future. We aim to provide education for young girls because we believe that young girls are the most vulnerable when it comes to getting an education. Oftentimes they spend most of their time at home, helping their mother and doing chores, and do not receive an education. 

We believe that strong, educated women install value of education into their children.

We provide education and protection programs to women such as defensive classes and counseling.

Funds for shelter:

With the help of our donors, we are able to help rebuild communities, so families can live in a better home compared to this picture.


Our goal is not only to help the people there, but also help the economy. We aim to buy as many local supplies as we can to reinvest in the communities we aid.

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