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Najwa Foundation Mission

Najwa Foundation will improve and expand our programs which provide life-supporting and life-giving food, water, shelter, clothes, along with other items that will offer stability and new hope to overcome the violence and displacement experienced in the Darfur Genocide. Through expanding our Programs, we will create a dialogue that will better educate people about the growing refugee crisis, and address some longstanding crisis challenges that, while well-recognized, might otherwise never be addressed.

Through our comprehensive programs that focus on providing the very necessities of life, we hope to help end the cycle of hunger, illiteracy, diseases of women and children in Sudan. We will overcome these challenges with the help of our volunteers and donors.

Najwa Foundation will improve the lives of women and children living in western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps by offering stability, educational opportunities, and the necessities of life that will mitigate the suffering.

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Najwa Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.

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