Help Najwa Foundation Make A Difference: Support Victims of the Darfur Genocide

Let them be heard. The voices of 400,000 innocent lives. Let their stories be told. The stories of 2,500,000 million people who have been displaced from their families and homes. Make them accountable. The Sudanese government and the Janjaweed, who are raping and killing innocent Darfuri men, women, and children. Refocus the world’s attention on this tragedy. Help us shine a light on the largest invisible genocide of the 21st century.

We can’t erase their trauma of yesterday, but we can help heal their wounds and give them hope of a better tomorrow. 

You may be asking, what is genocide?

Let’s define genocide: Genocide is violence and killing of members of a ‘national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the intent to destroy the entire group.’ You may be surprised or shocked to hear that this is still happening today all over Africa.

How can we help refugees who have been facing genocide in their country?

Najwa Adam founded Najwa Foundation to shine a light on the continuously urgent needs of women and children in Western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps.

Listen to her story. Hear her as she speaks of her experience living in a refugee camp, prior to coming to live in the United States. Her in-depth knowledge and understanding of the full ramifications of the genocidal violence and the harsh conditions of the refugee camps will paint a picture of the horrific acts that she experienced, and that thousands of women and children face day after day. 

The Najwa Foundation gives hope and comfort to the suffering women, children, and their families, so they can cope and overcome disease, hunger, illiteracy, and a life of hopelessness and despair, which was created by violence.

We provide food, water, medicine, shelter and clothing to the displaced Darfuri women and children in the Sudan Refugee camps. The Najwa Foundation builds schools and collects donations of school supplies and offering orientation and counseling classes to eliminate and minimize violence against women and children. 

It is up to us to raise our voices for those who can’t be heard. It is up to us to do our part to break their silence. Together, we can make a difference.

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