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Who Is Najwa Adam?

Najwa Adam – Founder of the Najwa Foundation

Najwa Adam, the founder of  Najwa Foundation and her family are survivors of the Darfur Genocide. She lived in a refugee camp prior to living in the United States.

Thus, she has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the full ramifications of the genocidal violence, and the harsh conditions of refugee camps.   Adam founded the Najwa Foundation to address the urgent and continuing needs of the women and children in Western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps.

About Najwa Foundation:

We are a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit organization that works to help women and kids in ares of conflict within Sudan, Chad, and other regions. We make a difference by providing food items, water, medicine, shelter, clothing & shoes. We strive as an organization to offer basic education to the displaced women and children in refugees camps through helping build schools and donating school supplies. The organization’s emphasis remains in the geographical areas of western Sudan, Chad, and the refugee camps located throughout the region. Particularly relevant is the western area known as Darfur.

Najwa Foundation also offers orientation and counseling classes to eliminate and minimize violence against women and children. We also encourage female child education among many other glorious objectives. Najwa Foundation knows all too well, that what helps others won’t materialize without the help and goodwill of people all around the world.

Najwa Foundation will improve and expand its programs whereby we will have provided life-supporting and life-giving food, water, shelter, clothes, and other items that will offer stability and a new hope to overcome the violence and displacement they experience. Through expanding our Programs, we will create dialogue that will better educate people about the growing refugee crisis, and address some longstanding crisis challenges that, while well-recognized, might otherwise never be addressed. Through our comprehensive programs that focus on providing the very necessities of life.

We offer hope and comfort to alleviate the suffering of women, children and their families so they can cope and overcome hunger, illiteracy, diseases and a life of despair and hopelessness created by violence and conflict.

We will overcome these challenges with the help of our volunteers and donors.

Najwa Foundation will improve the lives of women and children living in the western Sudan, Chad, and refugee camps by offering stability, educational opportunities, and the necessities of life that will mitigate the suffering.

Please help us make a difference together. Your help in any capacity can make a huge impact on our nonprofit. Donate items in the form of food items, water supplies, medicine, tents for shelter, clothing, shoes, or schools supplies. Funds to help for shipments and supplies are appreciated greatly as well. We use the funds provided to either purchase or ship these items to the suffering women and kids that have been displaced in refugees camps. The Najwa Foundation greatly appreciates your help, ever little bit counts. Thank you in advance!

Transforming Lives

Clean Water

Helps people function healthy on a daily basis. which will help their overall health in the process. clean water is an important necessity.


Many of the homes don’t have a lot of supplies or space for huge items (so space is limited), however, we help to provide essential items for shelter.


Learning new ways to make everyday tasks easier is an amazing way to increase the productivity of the day with new techniques rising everyday.

Let’s build something together.

Najwa Foundation Donation

Please help us by donating today, your small donation can help hundreds of people. Thank you for your support!


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Najwa Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.

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